to the Sheraton Grand Residence

Sheraton Grand Residence was established since February,2006 mainly for the purpose of managing rental service for Pool Villa and Condominium owned and investor operated by the Sheraton Grand Residence Group . Currently Sheraton Grand Residence manage Five exclusive condo and Pool Villa which are on good location in each well-known attractive place of Thailand.

All Condominium and Pool Villa resorts are private, self-contained and offer services at the highest possible quality. Ranging from 3 - 5 star standard, these resorts have the widest choice of facilities in Thailand. Mrs. Kochakorn Thinmarai is the Founder, Chairman and the Managing Director of the Sheraton Grand Residence Group.

Head Office Contact 334/3 Ratchadaposek Road Hauykwang Hauykwang Bangkok
Tel : 02-087-8289, 099-1722467

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